Read Furiously has the pleasure of publishing some of the most talented up and coming writers out there. Below are a few of our most recent titles we know you'll enjoy!


by Lianne Cruz

The highly anticipated followup to Pursuit: A Collection of Art

In First, Lianne Cruz shares the heartfelt, and often unplanned, moments of pregnancy and motherhood. Drawn in a gorgeous series of vignettes, every panel captures the joys and challenges of first experiences and the people who share them with us.

Based on the webcomic, Li Comics, First documents Lianne Cruz's journey as an artist and a mother. A celebration of all the firsts that life presents to us, this graphic novel is the perfect follow-up to Pursuit: A Collection of Art, a finalist in the 2020 International Book Awards. Through her art and her signature style of warmth, humor, and storytelling, Lianne Cruz invites us to take a look at the beauty and complexity of life and reminds us that we are never alone in our journeys.

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Americana: Stories

by Bill Hemmig

A many-faceted curiosity. Which are looking back at you?

Explore the different sides of America with an eclectic mix of stories No matter what you're looking for, there's something for everyone: coming of age tales, historical fiction, and more. - A book to get a taste of Americana today.

Bill Hemmig, the author of the One 'n done title Brethren Hollow, presents Americana: Stories.

Americana is a combination of flash fiction and short stories that eclipse the many different sides of the American experience, from riding on the school bus to the backdrop of Disneyland to the lives we live.

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Parade of Streetlights

by Itua Uduebo

Life is lived between the checklists

Parade of Streetlights is a captivating exploration of the millennial experience. Following a significant incident from his youth in Lagos, Kolawole Idowu always had a haunting desire to return to Nigeria and commit his time to making a difference. Within the course of a year, Kola explores his home of New York City and all aspects of his world with candor and humor. Kola is both self-conscious and observant as he encounters people on the streets of NYC and constantly struggles with the idea of what it means to be himself.

A quarterlife manifesto for the modern malaise

Parade of Streetlights is a deeply personal and introspective debut novel from author Itua Uduebo told in vignettes and featuring characters who are working through many personal absurdities. This is a novel about the choices we make, the ways we restrict ourselves needlessly, and the freedom of embracing the authentic pursuit of happiness. Kola’s voice is a welcome addition to the literary canon and his story will stay with you long after the last page is finished

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Urban Folk Tales

by Y Rodriguez

Tales, a collection of stories infused with elements of magical and spiritual realism.

Urban Folk Tales is a work of fiction based upon the true life experiences of the people who live in the working poor and working class neighborhoods of New York City.

In “Laura and the Kick Boxer,” a chance encounter on the N Train changes the destiny of two people lucky enough to find each other. “The Manicurist” takes us to the most sacred of all spaces, the neighborhood nail salon, and its manicurist who struggles with her gift of clairvoyance and the people she wants to help. Each story explores moments of love, tragedy, joy, and survival - the miraculous and the mundane scenes that play up and down the avenues of the city, giving meaning to our lives.

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