Read Furiously has the pleasure of publishing some of the most talented up and coming writers out there. Below are a few of our most recent titles we know you'll enjoy!

Isn't She Great: Writers on Women-Led Comedies from 9 to 5 to Booksmart

edited by Elizabeth Teets

A love letter to women-led comedies.

Based on Elizabeth Teets's program series called "Isn't She Great" at the Hollywood Theater, this anthology is a collection of the most beloved female-centric comedies and the audiences who adore them. From 9 to 5 to Romy and Michele to the iconic Elle Woods, the essays in this collection build on our devotion to these films and continue the conversation around funny women and how these characters have shaped so many talented writers.

As Elizabeth Teets reminds us, there is a specific power in a funny woman. A woman who dares to laugh at the world and at herself. These movies made us strong and smart and sexy (and bend and snap a lot). At the end of the day, we remind ourselves when the world only tries to let us have a little, a little money, a little confidence, a little joy to go out and get the whole enchilada.

Isn't She Great is for anyone who loves movies and feels the glamour in pink. Cult cinema and film criticism will never be the same.

Download the ARC here.

#8 - Wind to Space

poems and sketches by Rowan Kilduf

A mix of abstract poetry and sketches, Wind to Space plays with form by creating an ecological journal filled with connections we make within our environment. Challenging what it means to belong, this collection reminds us of the sparks of humanity that connect us to family, friends, and the world. Filled with short poems and images that illustrate spontaneity, eco-activism, and liminal space, this hybrid story of forest and city delivers mesmerizing secrets of universal identity. 

Download the ARC here.

Northwood Meadows: Moments

by Andy Chang

Your favorite crew of woodland creatures (and one grim reaper) is back for another go around. Join Phil, Ana, Fred and all your Northwood Meadows favorites as they celebrate the moments of every day life that will be remembered forever in a chaotic world. 

Download the ARC here.

#9 - W(h)ine & Cheese

by S. Atzeni

Social engagements are the cornerstone of the college experience. Unfortunately, this is not one of them.

A broken heart, something to prove, and discounted dairy products create a perfect storm of disaster at a party where the wine is actually a dollar store garbage can mixed with unidentified blue liquid.

A campus novel mostly off-campus, W(h)ine and Cheese is a story of friendship, privilege, and bad ideas. In their next One 'n Done installment since The Legend of Dave Bradley: a Performance Piece, S. Atzeni returns to ask the all-important question, "did this really happen?" The answer is simple: don't worry about it. 

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Last of the Pops

story by Adam Wilson
art by Dr. Demus, Japit Dumar, and Erika Paratore

A mix tape for the death of radio

In an experiment of sequential and epistolary storytelling, put your headphones on and dive into the soundtrack of a wannabe podcaster, a teen graffiti artist and her estranged brother, a former disc jockey, the newest owner of a vinyl legacy, and a tortured singer on the cusp of greatness.

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