The One 'n Done series

A chance for people to build their reading experience with short works by talented authors. Portable and pocket-sized, the One 'n Done series offer a variety of genres to be read in an afternoon or weekend.

#1 - What About Tuesday

by Adam Wilson

An entire day of the week has disappeared. That's normal, right?

In What About Tuesday? Adam Wilson reminds us that should you ever wake up to find a day of the week missing due to a freak abnormality in the nature of space-time, it's probably a good idea not to mention it to anyone.

Seriously. Just leave it alone. Definitely don't hire a private investigator.

Oh, and definitely don't ask questions. Forget anything happened.

Because, technically, nothing did.

Download the ARC here.

#2 - Girls, They'll Never Take Us Alive

by Matt Lydon

Join Joanie, Diane, and Bette on a slow-paced, arthritic thrill ride of geriatric proportions.

This short fiction is the perfect gift for anyone who loves a car chase, diner squabbles, or "Golden Girls" squad goals. This is a story for the ages (and the ageless) that reminds us that memories are only as strong as those that carry them.

A weekly diner breakfast quickly escalates into three old ladies out on the lam with a gun, stolen cash, and a hostage. And don't even get Joanie started on her sciatic nerve. With the Ocean City PD slowly closing in, the ladies' relationships and personal histories will be tested. Because youth and beauty may come and go, but some people you just can’t shake.

Download the ARC here. 

#3 - Brethren Hollow

by Bill Hemmig

A delightful (and queasy) look at how far we'll go to fit the image of success...and how far the unknown can pull us under.

Tucked away in a corner of the idyllic Brethren Hollow development sits an unkempt wooded field. After a friendly party for Brethren Hollow’s newest residents, a tragedy long forgotten resurfaces and threatens to tear the community apart.

Told in Bill Hemmig's razor-sharp wit and eye for hidden detail, this novella is perfect for the true crime podcast aficionado.

Bring a bottle of red for the hosts and stop in for a subversive look into the coveted American dream.

Download the ARC here.

#4 - Helium

by Adam Wilson and Jeff Chin

Helium follows Jemma and Trak as they race to find each other on a planet that is slowly heading for destruction. Their perfect moments lie in the virtual world - which is getting harder to reach.

Can they find each other before they lose everything?

Simple and elegant, there is nothing more perfect than a Helium atom. The same can’t be said for the rest of the world. So perhaps it’s worth giving up the real world and find something as real and perfect as Helium.

Helium is a graphic novella that follows Jemma and Trak as they race to find each other on a planet that is slowly heading for destruction. Their perfect moments lie in the virtual world - which is getting harder to find. Can they find each other before they lose everything?

Download the ARC here.

#5 - The Legend of Dave Bradley

by S Atzeni

This is a story that may be true, partially true, or not true at all.

But it still definitely happened.

An eclectic blend of experiences from the New Jersey Shop'NBag, a supermarket at the Jersey Shore, The Legend of Dave Bradley celebrates the horrors that only exist in customer service. 

Every day, the employees at the New Jersey Shop'NBag take care of customers, clean up the aisles, and try to maintain a personal life. They must also survive Dave Bradley's very confusing yet effective reign of chaos over the store. Before long, they have to make an important choice: get distracted by Dave Bradley's antics or get back to work? The answer is obvious.

Download the ARC here.

#6 - The Path Home

by A.J. Pellegrino

A 2023 selection for the Reads Rainbow Sapphic Picks

A queer reimagining of the classic Persephone and Hades myth filled with magic and true love.

Bryony has just graduated college, and instead of moving to Brooklyn to start her summer fellowship, she has found herself drawn back to her rural hometown in the Adirondacks. A town where she left behind her feelings for her childhood love, Iris. Upon her return home, Bryony notices that the nature surrounding her hometown is dying and no one will talk about Iris.

A.J. Pellegrino has recontextualized a classic story of nature's duality to create a novella that subverts traditional gender norms and creates a beautifully haunting tale perfect for fans of Alix E. Harrow and Lee Mandelo.

Download the ARC here.

#7 - Showboi: Too Deep Too Care

by Jimmy Cullen

Take a journey through sight and sound in this powerful poetic debut

Discover the power of vulnerability and courage through the performance of the Showboi himself, Jimmy Cullen. His intimate reflections on mental illness, grief, and moments of healing illuminate a path for anyone struggling with finding their own spotlight. Every word and each page will open your mind to a new perspective that showcases the magic of self-discovery. Through the words of Showboi: Too Deep Too Care, you will gain a newfound appreciation for your own journey and find the strength to become the person you want to be. You are your own hero. You are the light.

Download the ARC here.